5 Reason to go to Nassau, Bahamas on Spring Break

Spring Break in Nassau, Bahamas is one of the top destinations for college students to travel and party! The Bahamas offers a lot for college students, and you won’t break the bank travelling to this destination. If you haven’t yet booked your spring break trip this year, you may want to consider Nassau, Bahamas.


Reasonably priced airfare

Lets face it, you’re in college and you’re not made of money. But you don’t need to break the bank to go on a spring break trip. Round-trip flights to Nassau, Bahamas vary depending on your departure location, but on average will cost you around $400-$500.

Nightlife & Bars

The nightlife scene in the Bahamas is a huge draw among college students, and if you’re looking to party, Nassau is the place to be. Visit bars like Senor Frogs and Aura Club for day parties that lead well into the night. There are also daily pool and beach parties for college students all across the island. Parties in the Bahamas often feature top DJs, fun contests and, of course, alcohol.

Tropical Bahamian Climate

Nassau, Bahamas is located right off the Southern tip of Florida. Not only is the Bahamas well known for its white, sandy beached, but the weather in the Bahamas can’t be beat. The average temperature is 70 degrees during spring break months, making this a great spot to visit for your college spring break.

Reasonably priced accommodations

There are plenty of hotels to choose from when booking your trip. Hotels in Nassau won’t put a huge burden on your bank account, either. You can snag a room for around $300 a night for most hotels – split that with a few friends and it’s not so bad!

Fun Day Trips & Adventures

Not only is the party scene on Nassau a huge attraction for college students, but so are the day trips and adventures. From scuba diving to swimming with pigs, Nassau has a lot to offer!
The Bahamas has always been a top destination for spring break for college students, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it reasonably priced, but you’re guaranteed to have a great time!