5 reasons to go to Key West for Spring Break

Key West, Florida is located in the southern part of the USA and is a little paradise in its own right that attracts everyone during Spring break. Going about life at its own pace, with spectacular sunsets and enchanting waters, Key West is the place to go to if you are looking to fill your life with beauty.

It is no wonder that it opens its doors to a multitude of tourists each year. It is an intriguing experience and there are tons of things to do in Key West. If you have never been to the city, here are 5 reasons to go to Key West for Spring break;

1. One of a kind sunsets

Sunsets in Key West are so spectacular that crowds gather each evening to celebrate them. Every evening, people gather at the pier at Mallory Square to watch the sky glow in colours of pink, red or orange. It looks like a painting done by a talented artist at his peak.

There are other places across the island, such as The Top of La Concha bar and the Key West Harbor. This spectacular sight is even made more beautiful by entertainment from street performers and artists.

2. Excellent food with a view

Key West is popularly known as the Conch Republic because of its excellent conch dishes that come in different preparations and serving. Visit Louie’s Backyard, BO’s Fish Wagon and Conch Republic Seafood Company for top-grade conch.

There are also other dishes, for example, fresh pasta, black Angus beef and the Key West shrimp to satisfy your craving for heavenly dishes. The only thing better than good food is good food accompanied by a breathtaking view of nature. Key West offers both. One such place to get an experience of both is the Bistro 245.

3. Get the best of two worlds

Cuba is close to Florida and some of Key West cultures have Cuban influence in them. The most notable of them being rum which is blended with both the local and Cuban tastes. The popular cigars in Key West can also be traced to Cuban roots. Hand-rolled Cuban-style cigars can be found at Key West.

4. Experience the world’s third largest barrier reef

Key West, being an island, means that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to water sports. You can also go snorkelling. The world’s third largest barrier reef is just 7 miles off the shore, just waiting to be explored. The reef is home to many colourful sea creatures. Fury Water Adventures has a glass-bottom boat that allows you to see into the sea.

5. Rich in history

Key West has been home to historical figures such as President Harry Truman and Ernest Hemingway- the Pulitzer Prize-winning author. The island is rich in history that you can learn about while taking a tour on the Conch Tour Train. It will be a mind-blowing experience.

A visit to the Florida island should definitely be in your list of must-visit places when planning a vacation. The locals are also very welcoming and one doesn’t struggle to fit in.


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