5 Things to Bring on Spring Break in Key West, FL

Key West is a relaxed and laid back place that is one of the best spring break destinations for college students. However, when going to Key West you need to make sure you pack accordingly to make the most of your time in sunny Florida. The weather in Key West tends to be quite warm and with the mild humidity, you need to be well prepared.

If you are heading to Key West, FL the following are the 5 Things to Bring on Spring Break in Key West.


You will definitely be needing a lot of tops and if you can, pack some Summer dresses. Pack something that could be worn with shorts or pants or something that could be dressed down or dressed up.

Some great choices for the Key West weather are button-ups, flowy tops, and some t-shirts. Since it is going to be very warm most of the time go with lighter colors think your whites or pinks but definitely not black.

Since you are likely to be participating in water activities, walking around on the beach, then maybe going for dinner in the evening, you need to pack enough of each type of clothing just to be safe. Depending on how long you are going to be staying, you will need to pack enough tops to last you the whole trip without having to resort to cleaning and reusing them before you leave.


Key West can be sticky and hot and while there is a limit to what you can do with tops, you can push the limits with bottoms. Pants and jeans are definitely not the best for the weather and should be ditched as soon as you check into your room.

For bottoms what works best in the keys is a pair of shorts and some swimwear particularly if you are going to be hitting the beach often. You can practically live in shorts and swimwear and nobody will be bothered as its quite normal in Key West.

Nights can get cooler and hence you could pack some chinos or some white pants. If you made some good choices with the tops, you could find that you have a perfect outfit for almost any activity be it dinner or going to the beach. Nonetheless, given the vibe of Key West, you could practically wear sandals to a dinner party.


You cannot go to Key West without your accessories. The best accessories to pack include lightweight scarves which make for cool hangings in the hotel and are also great for complementing the different tops you brought along.

Do not forget your sunburn cream and hat as at 74 degrees, Key West tends to be hot and you’ll need these for when you will be hanging by the pool or walking around on the beach or in town.

You should also bring along a pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun. Don’t forget to pack the jewelry, this is an important accessory that will complement your look and bring out your personality.


Key West is a great place for walking so you’ll need to bring along a lot of shoes. Pack several pairs of sandals and some sneakers as you may get hit by the walking bug and find yourself walking very far from the hotel room. You can also bring along a pair or two of heels just in case you have to attend some formal night time activities or maybe just need to look good at dinner.

Bring along some open toed flat heeled shoes too. These are also great if you intend to be walking a lot as they are very comfortable. Find some that go great with your day time tops and bottoms. For your nights, you should also throw in some jeweled sandals, which will go a long way to sprucing an otherwise bland night time outfit.


No visit to Key West is complete without a visit to the beach for a swim and as such, it is essential to pack some swimwear. Moreover, a lot of hotels have pool areas where you can take a dip when it gets hot and sticky which it will. Some great swimwear you should pack are some shorts and button-ups and the swimsuit of course.

With such dress, you can easily change from room to beachwear anytime you feel like. There you have it, just a few items that should not require more than a large suitcase. Choosing right will go a long way to ensuring that your Spring Break in Key West is fun, restful and exciting. Pack enough to last the time you will be staying in the Keys and you will love every minute of it.

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