Spring Break Hacks

Spring Break Hacks

1. Book Early

Spring break is not the time the time for you to procrastinate. The sooner you book your spring break trip, the better! Planning ahead can be made easy when you set alerts on your phone with the Hopper app or use Google Flights’ flexible fare calendar to alert and track the best prices. Trust us, your wallet will thank you when you book your Spring Break trip as early as possible.

2. Make sure everyone is involved

Spring Break is not the time to travel solo! You’ll have much more fun and and save a lot more money if you can split lodging, food, and car rental costs with your friends. Some travel agencies even let you travel for free if you can organize the trip and get your friends to come along!

3. Student Discounts

Sometimes it actually does pay to be a student! Make sure to bring your student ID on your next spring break vacation, because you might be able to save big on entrance fees, train passes, bus tickets, etc. Spring Break is the perfect time to use your student status out before you have to enter the real world…

4. Pregame

If you’re 21 and up, alcohol can easily end up being one of your biggest expenses. You and your crew are probably hyped about the nightlife scene, and it can be easy to break your budget if you don’t watch the tab. Buying alcohol before going out and splitting costs to save big bucks is the best kind of move.

5. Beach Resorts

You and your friends should definitely consider heading to a beachside destination in order to avoid paying entrance fees to things like ski resorts, amusement rides, or museums. Going to a beach resort allows you to have a blast at no additional cost, and is also really fun! Many popular beaches will throw free parties and events throughout the entire month of March for all the college Spring Breakers!

6. Keep a checklist

You definitely want to map out any payment, flight times, packing plans and other logistics that need to be settled before you arrive at your spring break destination. Although you might just want to take it day by day, it is always better to be prepared and have things planned out before it is too late and you possibly run into conflicts.