The Signs You Are Ready For Spring Break

You know you’re ready for spring break when…

You are mentally checked out of school.

Tests, quizzes, projects, and homework are starting to pile up, and you simply do not care. You have resorted to doing all of your work minutes before the due date, thinking that you will have plenty of time to bring your grades up after spring break.

You have suddenly gone to the gym more in the past week than you have in the whole year combined.

That feeling when you leave for your spring break vacation in a few days and last summer’s jean shorts still don’t fit is enough to put you into full panic mode. Suddenly, all your meals are kale based and the gym feels like your second home.

You are packing clothes that you haven’t even looked at since last summer.

Bring out the sundresses, rompers, and bikinis! It’s finally that time of year where you get to preview summer for one week, and then go back to school where the temperatures are probably still below freezing.

You are surprisingly very well put together.

Nails done? Check. Facial? Check. Full body wax? Check. It feels like you have a new spa appointment every day, and between the massages and fake tans, it’s hard to complain. Never in your entire life have you had so many parts of

You have never saved money so well in your entire life.

Every penny counts when you’re pulling out loose change to buy that one last drink at the bar, and you know it. You haven’t eaten out in days and suddenly walking has become much more appealing than Ubering to class every day.

You have a mountain of laundry sitting in the corner of your room.

Why would you even waste your time washing your winter clothes when you have fresh, summertime bikinis and sundresses sitting in your suitcases waiting to be worn. You leave soon anyway, and you really won’t need fresh winter clothes for a while, right?

Your organization skills are at an all-time high.

You literally went from not knowing what you’re going to have for dinner every night, to planning the exact minute you and all your friends are going to step foot on the beach Monday morning. Your mom friend wrote up an itinerary, and the rest of you and your friends are following it like the bible.