What to Pack for Cancun

Ready to have an unforgettable spring break in Cancun? For a stress-free vacation, you’ll need to do a little bit of preparation beforehand. This includes packing all the essentials for your trip. If you aren’t sure where to start, go through this list to make sure you have everything you need for your next spring break. 

Your Complete Cancun Packing List

Water Bottles

While you’re in Mexico, you should be cautious about drinking water. At your hotel or resort, water should be safe, and drinking from water bottles is another safe option. However, you should come prepared with a few water bottles already in your suitcase. You won’t be able to bring water bottles in your carryon, but slip a few in your checked bag. If you don’t bring water bottles, be sure to purchase a few once you arrive in Cancun.

Sunscreen and SPF Lip Balm

Since you’ll be spending time at the beach, take a couple easy steps to prevent sunburn! Bringing sunscreen with a high SPF and SPF lip balm will ensure you only tan, not burn.


The sun will feel amazing while you lounge by the pool, but make sure to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes during the day.

Bug Spray

To ward away mosquitos and other bugs, pack some bug spray. While on vacation, you don’t want to be itching away or uncomfortable. If you plan to participate in outdoor activities, be sure to use some bug spray first! You can always bring a travel-sized can or wipes if you don’t want to bring a full can.

Swimsuits and Coverup

For a beach vacation, you’ll need enough swimsuits! Plus, pack a coverup. You’ll have another stylish look for the beach, and it gives you another layer of sun protection.

Clothing for Clubs

Nightlife and clubs in Cancun are other major attractions for tourists. Although you’ll be lounging around in swimsuits during the day, you’ll also need clothes for partying the night away. 


Visiting Cancun might also mean a trip to Chichen Itza or other cultural and historical sites. There’s plenty to explore in Cancun, so bringing a pair of sneakers will make a hiking trip more comfortable.

Portable Charger

If you’re traveling from the United States, then you won’t need to bring an adapter to charge your phone in Mexico. However, a portable charger can still come in handy. It never hurts to have a power source if you phone needs a quick charge to get through the rest of the night. 


Since you’re traveling to another country, you need to bring your passport with you. Keep this in mind ahead of time. You may need to renew your passport, and this process can take a few weeks. If you’re jumping on a last minute trip to Cancun, you can expedite the process, but getting a new passport can still take two to three weeks.